Location: Melal mall, Fereshte St., Tehran

Catgory: Renovation & interior design

Area: 470 m2

Project year: 2019

Photograph: Ideh Haghighat Gou

Client: Ilio Group




Ilio Restaurant which is located in Fereshteh Zone in Mellal Mall .(definetly one  of the best Shopping Mall of Tehran.)The restaurant established  since 2016 and the clients decided to change the interior design and create a sort of special cozy atmosphere in which the customer feels at ease and can be exploited from breakfast  ,brunch even after dinner.  uc21 architects  group  for this project decided  to answer the customer needs with the concept of italian modern restaurant that mix  integration of nature and vegetation .to creat the naturalness and freshness area the products used to purify and put  a microclimate inside the restaurant so that customers feel embraced by nature. As the  owners come from a family of nurseries the job become much more easier .

In the first step as you can see, it is  organized and designed for the kitchen/bar area and the tables area.

The second zone has been created as an office for the owners near the entrance which is fixed with the "selfie green wall" that has mainly three functions:

to make privacy of the customers to do not bother while they are eating and also provide a waiting area on the other side which you can easily watch  the exhibition  of jams and organic sauces produced by ILIO GROUP  for sale in the place on the other part of  "selfie green wall" photos are showing the  restaurant experiences and give  social touch that can no longer be dispensed with, especially when the restaurant on their events.

Next , the two big columns are covered by 6 types of different plants adding a greate value to the project concept.

In the terrace, 2 rows of plants located on the sides, respecting the internal concept, followed by the arrangement of the tables and a central corridor for the place of the crowd pass by.


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